The Algerian goalie sports great hair — an iridescent silver.

Scout the Slovenians, you would say.  One of the Slovenian players wears one of those headbands and he has very little hair. Hmmm. The Algerians hack. Not looking good for Algeria. Empty seats in this venue, too.

Well Slovenia scores, which makes the next match for the U.S. even more critical.

Why does someone always feel the need to strip at sporting events? Strippers most often look like Joe Sixpack.

Working from behind works sometimes, but most often not.

Ghana and Serbia. How embarassing. Goalie missed the goal kick and had to kick from bounce. Then he made two excellent stops. And somewhere along the line when I looked back at the TV, Ghana had scored. Ghana 1 Serbia 0. Oh, poor PK.

The Ghana backers have had the most fun in the stands so far. They radiated happiness.

Woke up to the Germans mauling the poor Aussies.

Headline:  U.S. Discovers vast riches of minerals in Afghanistan. What a coincidence.

The man finally finished mowing my backyard. Now it looks dry and dead. Partly because much of the green of the yard was weeds. I would love to have grass, but I do not have the oomph to sit outside and pull weeds.

Looking out my kitchen window, I see a tree that keeps growing despite being cut down almost to ground level last year. The complex owners were afraid the tree would harm the 30-year-old fence. Yeah, right. I also see a long shoot from a rose bush growing in my neighbor’s yard. The shoot has worked its way through a crack in the fence. Last year I was blessed with one beautiful rose. The bloom lasted almost a week. This year, a couple of blooms have added a touch of vibrant color against the washed gray of the fence.

The boys and I enjoy watching the bird traffic near the fence. Satchmo particularly loves to chortle at his feathered friends. I think the birds zoom by because they know the boys pose no threat. Kind of a mutual king’s x.

One of the G-N youngin’s will leave the nest before long. On to bigger and better. She is smart, talented and genuine. She will go far. I hope she keeps in touch in some fashion.

• Sometimes I do not value what I have.

• Sleep: escape at its best.

• Thoughtfulness costs nothing and yields great rewards.

So, now I have two blogs. Initially I thought one could back up another. But why repeat ?

This blog may evolve into another facet of my life or I may post snippets of thoughts or I can do nothing. Run a draft all day long after I do my Blogger blog, then post before bedtime. We shall see. I am no great American writer, but I do have some things I would like to say.

Today built into a fine day. I talked with Kim. She always lifts me up. Sometimes cheering me up takes just the right person.

After a lengthy time, I came out of  hiding. I stayed on FB most of the day and caught up with lots of friends. I coaxed a laugh from a sad friend.

I also talked to your brother. What he said made me  glad I had sent your mom a PM this a.m. Maybe you had whispered that into my ear and I only thought I had thought up the idea. I do know your mom appreciates kindness. I am glad your dad came through OK. Your mom needs him.

Laters, dude.

What do you do when your blog will not work? Start a new blog elsewhere.

If you had one more day to live, what would you want to do or say?

I would want to tell each of the many PHers who boost me when I am down just how much she means to me. Each encouraging word keeps me going. The examples you all set put me to shame. I have no reason to cry and complain. Each of you is special.

I would want to feel the cool spring breeze caress my cheek one more time. The smell and feel of a gentle, warm rain. I would like to sit in a comfortable chair with a blanket and cat and watch half-dollar size snowflakes gently float to rest with their brethren. I would want to lie on grass in the shade on a summer’s day and listen for small airplanes overhead. I would want to walk outside in the fall and see glorious colors and smell someone’s fireplace burning.

I would want to hear a child full of joy and laughter as he runs to see me.

I would like to tell my best friend how much she has meant to me over the years. No words suffice, though I try often.

Online friends this past year — what a wonderful, caring group.

Old friends, those who took the time to check on me, thanks. Friends, those of you who included me, thanks.

Live today.

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Hello, sadness my old friend, I’ve come to talk to you again ….

I seem to make messes quite unintentionally. I just should keep my cybermouth shut. Period.

Other relationships move in positive directions. I enjoy these small exchanges of repartee. I hope eventually this expands.

Am I sad because I isolate, or do I isolate because I am sad?

Believing the best in everyone gets me into trouble. Take the yard man. I paid him before he finished the yard. The yard sits half finished. I suspect he decided to party instead.

I bet a certain someone would express shock to learn I actually defended them — not once, but twice.

I wonder if I canonize you? I question this over and over knowing a good answer does not exist. I do know you were special. I know you pretended with some people.

All these questions haunt me still. The great enigma of you.  You gotta love it. You know what? The desire for a mystery itself says more than your words. Or speaks louder, maybe.

Do I have a right to mourn you so? Because I do. Days go by, I remember something you said, some comment about shit sports. I grin.

Then like a tsunami the sadness and grief overcome me. Like today. I cannot think about you without tears falling. I miss you…


Today I got the internet, email and FB back. I was without almost 48 hours to the minute. When the technician came to fix my neighbor’s phone, he undid mine. Today a very helpful technician got mine fixed in a matter of 10 minutes because he was smart enough to listen to what I had to say about what the problem was. He was polite, too.

* * *

I learned a lesson today. You can depend on some people and not on others. You would think after 60 some odd years I would know this. I always give everyone the benefit of a doubt. Next time, I hope I take this into account, then I will not be disappointed.

* * *

Miss you, dude.


Pogo fusses at me this morning. He walks by and mutters. Mmmmrrr. MMMMRRRRR. I suspect popping the top on a can of grilled chicken will quell the yells. He marches off toward the bedroom, so I gain a few minutes reprieve. I near the bottom of my first cup of coffee for the day. Pogo will beat me to the kitchen though I am closer by several steps.

* * *

My young CF friend puts on an emo show every day on FB. He pops up every now and then on FB chat. He makes interesting conversation.

* * *

I am not a give ’em hell kinda person. Though I need the bosentan, I could not yell at the insurance representative on the phone. If and when the situation works out does not worry me.

* * *

Thanks for the FB message, dude. Friends of all stripes add zest to our lives, wisdom or no. I am fortunate. Counting blessings makes me more thankful.

* * *

Pushing an agenda on the masses. Nothing new there except the methods gain sophistication. Someone posts something as true. Well, sorta. The lemmings of the world pass this partial truth along but over time it morphs into more and more fiction and less and less fact.

We need the Woodwards and Bernsteins. We need someone to hold a mirror up to show us our true faces.

Somewhere along the way, the Hursts gained a toe hole. Remember the Maine? Mr. Hurst had his own dirty little war.

How can one person shoulder the blame for something totally out of his control? Remember we inherit problems as well as make them. I am tired of fingerpointing and blame. That does not solve problems. If one idea does not work, try another. At least try something.

In June 2008, President Bush urged an end to the ban on offshore drilling; in July, he lifted that ban. Almost two years later to the day, we face a disaster. Do not say I told you so. Tell me how to fix it.

* * *

Hey, dude.


Found out earlier the drug company holds my bosentan shipment hostage because the computer says I have no insurance.

Mind you, I called the insurance company twice before the web site said coverage ended. Both times the women assured me, no break in coverage, no change in coverage, no problem. A mere change in status from COBRA to disability insurance. An extention for another 11 months. Well apparently the change takes awhile to get from one computer to another. And even with all the precautions I took to make sure there would not be a problem, there was a problem.

I understand why the drug company would not want to ship a $6,000 medicine just on my say so that I do indeed have insurance. A doctor’s visit likely was not paid for either.

I have enough bosentan for two more days. The insurance company rep said she would put a rush on the fix. We will see which one wins.